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Hey everyone, first post on here. 

Does anybody know of any real estate syndications based in the Tampa area? I've been interested in multifamily as of this year, but currently lack the know-how and capital to move forward with some of the more attractive listings that I've come across. As of now, I'm thinking of partnering with other investors to successfully close on one of the properties and also get my feet wet. I've also thought about finding a sfr or condo as a rental property instead, for the time being.

Appreciate your advice and suggestions in advance.

@Roger Gerard watch out in Tampa! That market is white hot!  My advice, keep your money in the bank and keep getting educated.  Small rental properties don't hold a candle to big deals!  Big deals are great but you have to get more educated on underwriting deals and sponsors first.  There's some great individuals on BP that have written specific content on syndication. I'm sure they'll help here shortly.  READ WHAT THEIR CONTENT!

Happy Educating!

Is your plan to live in it or strictly investment? There are avenues for both, but you will probably need to have a deal done yourself before you can leverage other people's money. 

You will have to decide what kind of property you want first, then you will be able to find access to capital. 

If you would like to connect, send me a pm with your info. Even if I cant help you, I will be able to point you in the right direction. then you can share your new path with us!

@Ivan Barratt thanks for the reply and the advice, greatly appreciated. I'm definitely looking forward to consuming the wealth of information available on here. Stay in touch!

@Matt Carey most likely would be to strictly invest, not that I have major reservations about living in it. I was more so looking to contribute some capital to an association/syndication that is far more experienced in purchasing multifamily properties; figure I would also probably learn a ton during the process and make a few connections. Thank you for being so receptive, I'll def be sending you a pm.

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