Salvaging from a gutted unit

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I have a family member that is purchasing a condo in the next month and getting the unit. I’m planning on purchasing a duplex in April. I’m wondering on your thoughts on what would be worth saving? I’m taking the kitchen appliances and W/D. I was curious if savings things like the cabinetry and corian countertops? All is in great shape. Just trying to cut costs and reuse if possible. Thanks!

IMHO cabinets and countertops are not reusable.  Donate them to Habitat for Humanity.  Getting the right mix of cabinets is always tricky.  Even more so if you have a very limited choice to work from.  The only way I'd even try is if they're coming from a large kitchen and I'm doing a small one.  Countertops are even more problematic.

With a little creativity I think a kitchen can be re-used.  I purchased an entire kitchen on Craigslist for $300 and used it in a small basement unit.  The refrigerator was a little too big so I did buy a new one.  I painted the cabinets and trimmed the countertops to fit my space.  The original kitchen was much larger so I was able to use only the pieces I wanted.  I hung the extra cabinets in the garage, saved me a ton of money! Not a great picture but give you an idea. 

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