Tenants have disconnected numbers

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My tenants call me a couple days ago with a problem that I had to send a handyman out for. Luckily, he could do the work from the outside because now their phones are disconnected! Is there a standard letter or message I can send them to convey them to get a working number where I can reach them or I will charge something to go out there if I cant get a hold of them? 

That's frustrating. 

I don't think this will help you in your current situation but we have verbiage in our lease stating that if they don't let repairmen in when agreed upon they are charged a $100 due with the following month's rent. Of course, we will still need to get in touch with them in that scenario as well. Now you've got me thinking we may need to add something about them maintaining at least one active phone line as well... 

I would send a registered letter or an email. Do you have an emergency contact for them? off the application even? Do try again first though because it could be a temporary issue. ....did not pay the bill.

Many times, despite an interruption in voice service, the text messaging service will still be active if it is a mobile phone number. You could try it.

Both of those things are in my leases.  They must keep me up to date on their contact information and they must be available for confirmed appointments or they will be charged.  Failure to to respond is a breach of lease.  You then send a 7 day notice for them to comply with the lease terms if you really want to start the eviction process if they are the type that just blow you off or who are inconsiderate.

I also have emergency contact info from the application if required.  I also have their email which is usually the thing I go to next.  If they are late paying their cell phone, they still get email.

I also have had many tenants who lose cell service for a few days and usually they have an alternate contact or I simply swing by.


Look on their application for emergency or work numbers. Also try their social media accounts; Facebook, Linked In

Final attempt would be a letter and certified letter to the property 

If none of the above have worked, try a skip tracing service like white pages has or beenverified.com, we use services like this to find out addresses, phone numbers, e-mails and social media accounts. Also, going in person never hurts or sending someone out there!

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