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Hey guys! So I'll be moving down to Tampa Bay area in May of this year. It kind of happened suddenly as my wife is getting placed for her clinical rotations there. I'm curious as to what REIAs everyone is attending as I see so many in that area. It seems like the Tampa area is HOT right now. 

One last question... Would it be safe to say that if you invest in Tampa you also invest in St. Peteresburg/Clear Water/Largo area?


@Cesar Rebolledo my business partner owns the largest REIA in Tampa Bay. We have around 8 meetings a month all over. I host the south Tampa meeting, check out tbreia.com for all the meetings, dates and times. Your first visit is free too! I would invest closer to where you are so if its within a 30 minute drive then its something to consider.

Yes if you're going to invest in Tampa, it's a good idea to invest on the other side of the bridge too. With as difficult as it is to find deals these days, you'd be better off not limiting yourself. 

Cesar, come stop by on the first Thursday of every month to the Southshore real estate group meeting. We always have a great speaker and it’s always genuinely free. Just search for it on Facebook or Meetup. 

None of that $10,000 wholesale your way to financial freedom garbage pirches at the end of the presentations. 

We have had Pete Fortunato, John Schaub, Larry Harbolt, David Tilney, John Hyre, Rod Khlief, and more great people come through. 

Also, people that invest in Tampa often don’t invest in Pinellas county. It is a good distance away across the water. 

Good luck. 

@Jeremy Kloter I'll be taking a trip down in March. I will be going to as many as I can! 

@Nick C. Yeah, that seems to be about right. Wholesalers pushing good product?

@Jason Brown Thank you. I will make it there in May. I'm taking a trip in March for a week. Maybe we can meet then? I'll buy you a beer! Help me with the lay of the land.

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