Real Estate Lawyers to Look Over Contracts & Understand Investing

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Hi all, it's been a minute!

I'm looking for a good but moderately priced real estate lawyer to get into contact with. Preferably someone that you, yourself, would vouch for. Someone who would understand contracts and be able to build relationship with from there. They can be Tampa, St. Pete, and surrounding areas - but definitely understands the real estate culture roughly 'round these parts. I've been scouring the forums for help and have not found anything that's been sufficient yet.

Thanks in advance,

Amber Herriman

Amber, what types of contracts are you referring to specifically?

The reason I ask is because here in Florida we have standard as-is contracts that have already been reviewed and approved by both the Florida Board of Realtors the Florida BAR, and even says so at the bottom of the contract. That way we don’t have to use attorneys to review these standard contracts, everything has already been done ahead of time. Some states use attorneys to do closings, title searches, etc, but we use title companies to handle most of those here.

If you are talking about creating/using your own separate contract then that is a different issue entirely.

@Brandon M. Thanks for your response. Using my own/creating contracts or asking questions about pre-made but not approved by the BAR ones.

I have been looking for someone similar, but for help with reviewing my existing leases for properties in Tampa/St Pete.

@Rick C, if you come across anyone, send them my way. I will do the same.

I dont know what exactly you are looking for and why they would need to be "local." Do you plan on visiting them? If you need property management contracts, contact LAW OFFICES OF HEIST, WEISSE, & WOLK, P. A.

If you need sales contracts, you should be using an agent. PM if you need my help.

Hello @Amber H. & @Rick C. , I just sent you both a PM with some real estate lawyer recommendations. I hope that helps. 

Happy Investing.

@Matt Carey , I would like to meet someone in person, yes. I'm looking for someone to just in general help me understand, make, or create legal documents. Also, I'm interested in real estate law as a career for myself as I graduate so the more people I network with, the better!

@Phil Weiler Thank you for your help.

@Amber H. we use Cristen with Martinez Law and she is here in Tampa. She does all of the stuff for our brokerage but most of the forms are provided by the state that we use for listings, etc..

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