Tampa and surrounding areas- Buy and Hold opportunities

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Hello folks! I am located in the Orlando area, but have been doing some searching for SF and MF properties in the Tampa area. I work throughout the entire central Florida area, but am unfamiliar with the real estate market in Tampa. My focus is buy and hold with cash flow being the priority, and a mix of cash flow with appreciation being a close second depending on market. The always intriguing BRRRR method is also my focus. I would greatly appreciate any input and advice regarding search locations and local market trends, etc. I am also always interested in networking with like minded individuals. Thanks in advance for the help, and I look forward to networking with you all.


I love the Tampa and St Pete area. I think there is more opportunity in those two areas for the multi family
I also think that Pasco County is growing like crazy because of the lower price points, lower taxes and ease of getting back into Tampa on the Suncoast Psrkway

Kim Meredith Hampton, Real Estate Agent in FL (#BK0601196)

Are you in the market to buy? If so, what #'s are you looking for and how serious are you about a purchase in the area?

@Kim Meredith Hampton

Thank you for the intel! I will definitely look into Pasco County opportunities, as well as the St Pete area. Have you found some multi family wins in the St Pete area?

@Jeremy Kloter

Yes. In the market to purchase, strictly to establish and grow a rental portfolio. Im open to SF and MF units, with the ability to bring in partners if it makes sense. Same perspective for me as a sole investor.

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