Condo Investor Realtor

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Good Evening Everyone -

Myself and my business partner will be visiting Tampa in late June.

We are looking for an investor friendly realtor in the area to show us condos to add to our portfolio.

We have utilized banks out of state for other properties.  We were looking for a referral for a local bank. We are long term investors and would prefer a 30 year fixed.

Look forward to hearing from everyone.

Todd -

Hi Todd,

Condo investing is one of my specialties. I own two buy and hold condos myself.

I’m a partner agent with exclusively for the TPA area. A site that only advertises condos, and we were picked by the creator because of our experience with condos.

We manage roughly 60 properties in the area and 80% of them are condos too.

We use a lender who’s niche is condo financing. Developers and HOAs go to him for advice to attain information and structure to be Fannie Mae approved. 

@Todd Martin I'm actually about to be selling a 6 unit condo package for a client in Pinellas Park, would that area work for you? Off market.. $95,000 unit renting $850-950 and with light rehab easy to get 1,200 (one they will be selling in future is getting that currently) all in the same neighborhood but different buildings, they can be financed too. PM me.