Out of state investor looking for small multi-fams in Tampa area

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Hi all,

I'm a former resident of Tampa who moved out of state to MA a few years ago. I still hold some assets in the Ybor area, but I am looking to get into small multi-family properties (6-20 doors depending on opportunity). Interested in Tampa area as well as Orlando / Kissimmee. 

I'm looking to connect with investor-friendly realtors who are currently working these kinds of deals. My focus is going to be on cashflow with a secondary emphasis on appreciation, probably following the standard formula of looking for upgrade opportunities, such as C quality properties in B areas and then upgrading units to increase NOI.

Would love to hear how the market is these days for small multi-families in the area. All insights appreciated and starting dialogues with realtors / wholesalers with this kind of focus is -most- appreciated! 

I would be happy to help you purchase a good multifamily investment property.  Since you are looking for more than 4 doors, you will be in the commercial realm. This will make choosing a broker, financing, and your due diligence more difficult than a residential property. What information can I get for you so you can get started ?

Hi Matt, 

Being out of state now, I don't have a great gut sense of which markets are over-heated vs still good value. I think I'd love to start taking a look at some smaller available multi families just to see what's available. 6-10 units sounds like a good start. Obviously, rental history and repair history of any such properties is a must. 

Many thanks!

My investors and I have done these types of deals over the past several years and had a lot of success. If you have any questions,  I am more than happy to help.

Hey Damon - I am also interested in Multi-Family units in the Tampa/Kissimmee area. Would like to keep in touch to see how things pan out for you! Best of luck!