Property managers in Tampa Bay and Ocala, FL

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@Gurpreet Bhinder

For Tampa area, John Meirose, Hampton Property Mgmt. For Ocala area, RPM diversified, Dan Henderson. I have personally not used them but have heard good things about them from other investors. Hope that helps. Incidentally, I am looking at a deal in your area of NC, will send you connect request. Thanks Ally

Are you looking for value add or stabilized MF? 

Wake County is a tough market for MF for value add. 

1. We don't have many MFs here.

2. Those available were bought a few years ago. Anything being sold is sold at the top of the market. Repositioning and Branding has been done.

@Gurpreet Bhinder

We own a Property Management company in Tampa Bay. Our Company, All County Alliance Property Management is a Franchised company. We have locations that cover all of Tampa Bay. We also have locations throughout Florida including Ocala. Our Company has been around for about 30 years and is based in Tampa Bay. 

If you want to talk more call us anytime and we can discuss. 

We are a full service Property Management company. So we do not buy or sell property. This way you are ensured that we are fully committed to providing you with the best service possible.