Best websites/places to list For Sale BY Owner Properties - FL

8 Replies | Tampa, Florida

Does anyone know of any good Websites besides Zillow to post a For Sale By Owner property/Condo in Tampa Fl? I currently have it listed on Zillow, and will probably upgrade on Bigger Pockets to share it on here as well. 

I've also, been solicited by people to pay a fee and have them post it on MLS and Realtor.Com as only a realtor can list on those. Anyone have any thoughts on if that is worth it, or any experience with that?

Also, I have a realtor I typically use to buy properties and several friends in the business as well, but I wouldn't want to ask them to list it for a fee or anything outside of just having them run with the listing for normal commissions. The main reason I'm not doing that is I'm not in any real hurry to sell it, because I make money every month on it, and the project I'm looking to roll the money into doesn't really kick off until much later in the year. 

Well, if you don’t get it on the mls 80% or so of potential buyers will never see it and let’s face it, investors on this site aren’t looking to pay full retail.

@Wayne Brooks thank you for the response, and you make a fair point. I definitely will pass it off to a realtor, if I haven't sold it before my next project is ready to take off, but for now I just want to test the waters of FSBO and try and save the 6%. However, I may consider paying one of the people that reached out the flat listing fee to put it on MLS...

Honestly, pay an agent a few hundred bucks to do a limited service and get it on the MLS and all other sites will update with it anyways. Saves you tons of time and you can still deal direct with buyers. It helps save at least your 2-3% for selling but you'll want to pay the buying agent something, probably 2.5% should do.