Vacation AirBnb in Tampa

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Legislation to change the state laws died in Tallahassee so the Hillsborough County (including Tampa) law is still in effect.  Less than 7 day rentals for properties that are zoned residential still face a $1000.00 per day fine. I just confirmed it this week from an in-person visit from Hillsborough County Code Enforcement.  So it is personally confirmed to still be in effect as of April 27, 2021.  Residential property rentals of 7 days or more are OK as long as the property is registered as a rental property.

That is why we advocate 30 days anyways; less "ins and outs" = less reason to make any mistakes or overpay on repairs, cleaning fees, etc...

I didn't read all 55 comments so sorry if this repeats info already shared. My best tip for AirBnB is for you to know the lay of the land in Tampa. East Tampa is low-income, low prices, but very high crime and would not be an ideal location for vacationers. South Tampa is high-income, high priced, but has more access to shops, dining, and is near the Bay. West Tampa is mid-to-high income depending on the neighborhoods, currently mid priced, and is going to get vacationers closer to the Gulf beaches in Pinellas County (the next County over). If you want to appeal to those looking for beach access, Pinellas County is your best bet. There are tons of beach options up and down the Pinellas coast and the housing prices are fairly similar to Tampa. Downtown St. Pete is a huge market for dining, shopping, and water/beach access is within about 15-20 min depending on what beach people want to explore. The Tampa/St. Pete market is strong for STR's but like I said - be strategic about location. You can also browse STR's on AirBnB in the area to get a better sense of what people are charging. Hope this helps.