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This is my very first post. My husband and I are looking to purchase our very first investment property in St. Petersburg. We have been on the hunt for a few months, and it seems like everything is flying off the shelves or we are in a bidding war. However, we have found something we would like to purchase, but the homeowner & flood insurance quotes are sky high. 

Does anyone have thoughts on purchasing multifamily homes in Childs Park, St. Petersburg?

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Any recommendations for local insurance agents?

IMO, You would be better off looking for properties that have a Flood Zone X, classification to avoid the flood insurance requirement.

Hi Jeff,

Thank you for the information. I will be doing some further research and perhaps reach out to you directly. Our current agent is great but perhaps doesn't understand our needs or the area has low inventory.

@Evelyn Maguire Looking at the FEMA flood zone maps, @Jeff Copeland is correct. You can go to the FEMA website and do a search for a property by address that you may be interested in and get the current flood zone designation. I have found this to be a useful tool when searching for properties in areas of question.

I have to give you a disclaimer on this that I am not an expert, however, I did have a situation where we were about to close on a condo and the flood report came back requiring flood insurance. Knowing that the building was high on a hill, about fifty feet above the water, I started doing research and found the following, which was later confirmed by my lender that we did not require food insurance.

In my case, just because a properties address is designated in a flood zone, there can be buildings on the property that do not require the insurance. FEMA uses the lowest point of entry to a building to determine whether or not a building would require the flood insurance. If you run into problems, be sure to speak with an expert on Flood Insurance and often times they can resolve the issue either through an amendment or in my case just talking to the lender. Apparently, there had been others before me that had this same issue and there was an amendment to the flood zone map that was not being used by the lender.

In a flood zone: Any Flood Zone beginning with A or V is considered IN a flood zone and would require flood insurance.

Out of a flood zone: Zones B/X500 & C/X are considered OUT of a flood zone and do not require flood insurance


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I am also new to this forum. Prior to recently obtaining my real estate license, I built and sold a successful independent insurance agency located here in Pinellas County. There are now many "private" flood insurance companies competing with the Government run NFIP. Try checking out typtap.com where you can get pricing on flood insurance with only a few clicks and don't even need to involve insurance agents. I am also happy to supply some referrals from some "reputable"agencies in the area. Let me know if you are still seeking out advice.