Multifamily Buy and Hold - Tampa

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We are new to Tampa area and looking for a few buy-and-hold multifamily opportunities. Beyond online listings, any advice on where to search for deals that aren't already picked-over? We've done a few drive-by's in desired areas but beyond that, most online listings seem to be a bit overpriced for our evaluations. 

Thanks in advance for your insights!

I would not necessarily let the price stop you if everything else looks good. You can negotiate. Unless you think it is a waste of time. You never know about that perfect deal and everybody wins. 

When you say online listings, that tends to be high anyway. Off market thru another wholesaler would be best. 

@Elisa D. as a property manager my owners are always open for the right price. I have 13 doors coming for sale in the next 2 months from one of my owners. 2 Quads and a duplex in Tampa, and a triplex in S. St Petersburg. Feel free to pm me.

@Elisa D.

Hi Elisa,

How is your search going for multi-families? Do you have particular areas in the Tampa Bay Area that you are targeting? I’d be happy to help if you need !