Tampa submarkets buy and hold for OOS investor

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I am an OOS investor looking for buy and hold properties in the Tampa submarket. I have one property so far in Valrico.

I am in Tampa looking at some properties in North Riverview. There are a lot of new construction projects happening there. Are there any other investors that do buy and hold in Riverview?

I wanted to get some input on the rental market and thoughts about future growth of that area. I noticed there is a new mall planned for the South Riverview area as well. Would you invest in Riverview or are there other submarkets you'd recommend?

Thank you

@Gordon D. Glad you are looking in the Tampa submarkets. They have great value and upside potential with a lower initial cost.

As far as the rental market- I think you are looking in the right spot. The rental market in the Riverview/Valrico/ClairMel is awesome. I have a client that recently purchased a duplex in Riverview, put some lipstick on it, and already has one side rented out. He is very happy with his decision with a long term hold in Riverview. 

Let's connect and talk more about this. I have plenty more insight.

Johnny Heiss

@Johnny Heiss good to see you in here lol! Johnny is a great guy and yes the market is good. I grew up about 15 minutes from there and know the area well. We're leasing properties pretty quickly down there and its still within 30~ minutes to Tampa and other surrounding areas that are going through massive changes. It is also still a relatively short drive to beaches and such without a stout price tag. Happy to chat more just message me.