New Investor/Agent in the Tampa area

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Hey Everyone,

Just want to introduce myself. Me and my wife (Julie) are newly relocated from San Francisco to the Tampa area. So far I have been able to get access to 30+ Lenders, Two Property Managers, One Project Manager/GC, and a remediation team. I am in the process of building my deal funnel and getting my wholesale pipeline created. I have 3 years experience in advertising specifically PPC marketing as well as digital design and funnel creation, along with a large wealth of knowledge in the business development space. 

I am in the process of finishing my Real Estate exam to get licensed here and have been driving different neighborhoods to get a feel for the pulse of the City. I am big on relationships and service to communities and am looking to make like minded friends in the area who I can build with. 

Both my wife and I are both practicing Christians so that would also be a bonus if you are as well, but if not that is also okay. I am open to coffee chats, dinners, drinking, and other fun times as well as church recommendations. 

I am looking to close my first deal here in the next 60-90 days and have recently quit my job to take this on full time, so success is a non-op for me or my wife will kill me (lol). I look forward to building lasting relationships with anyone interested. 

Good luck and God Bless!

Originally posted by @Nick C. :

That’s a lot of lenders! Welcome to Tampa, best of luck. 

Thanks man, yeah my logic was "what better way to shop rates than having options". Didn't take much effort everyone seems pretty hungry here. It's awesome! 

Best of luck to you too brotha!