New to the Tampa area, looking to connect

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I am a new investor, I recently moved to Tampa from Washington D.C. and am beginning my real estate investing business. I currently work in home remodeling sales and travel around the Tampa area and its neighborhoods extensively. I am on a commission based salary and will most likely need to develop relationships with some local Tampa banks/lenders as well. 

Being that I am still new to the area, I would love to meet and connect with other BP members and others interested in REI in general! and I would love to learn from some individuals with a more intricate understanding and more experience working within the Tampa/St Pete market.

My current focus and primary goal is on Single family or small MultiFamily buy and hold properties that cash flow, preferably properties I can BRRRR.

I’m looking forward to connecting with everyone and talking about Real estate in the area, or just to chat!

Hey Mike, 

Welcome to Tampa! We have recently moved here and as an investor I would like to meet more people that are like minded. We are also looking at doing a remodel, maybe we can get together and help each other out. 


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@Mike Adams welcome Mike, I would love to connect. I currently close about 2 deals a month between wholesaling, flipping, and rentals. Always enjoy interacting with people new to the area, PM me if you’d like to talk more in depth! I worked a 9-5 and was able to quit through the power of real estate.

Hey Mike,

I moved to the St Pete area about a year ago and am still learning the market. I lived in Hyatsville, MD for a while but have also lived in San Diego and Portland, ME.

Hi Mike, 

Welcome to Tampa! I have been a real estate investor for 15+ years and built an investment portfolio of 200 multi-family units in that time with my partners (50 units in Tampa Bay area and 150 in the Midwest). I became a real estate agent a couple years ago because I wanted to help others build their own portfolios. Good luck!