Buying land in Cape Coral FL or SW Florida

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I am looking to buy land to build spec homes and flip in this HOT market. There are quite a lot of lots for sale, I will buy one waterfront but 

which is the best area for the money now? Up coming developments, stores or employers?  is it better, Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, Cape Coral??  Most lots seem to be .25 acres but price is all over the place.  Please advise. 

Any info is really useful, anyone know or recommend the best spec home builders there? 

Thanks Vicki  

Hi @Vicki Ducanois ,

The central and Northern sides of Cape Coral right now are great candidates for what you're describing. These areas are expanding very rapidly, and as long as the market stays somewhat stable, you could very easily have success in spec home building. As for pricing on lots, I would recommend focusing on waterfront right now with how cheap it can still be purchased. Let me know if you would like to discuss further and I would be happy to help!

Hello @Vicki Ducanois ,

Great question. Yes all three of those markets are developing quickly. Having worked with investors in each of them, I would have to agree that the city of Cape Coral has several advantages over the other two. Cape Coral alone is a large market with various options within it. Even within waterfront properties, you have to calculate several factors (fresh v. salt, time to open water, # of bridges, the height of bridges, canal width, seawall, etc). 

I have a relationship with several builders in the region. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.