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My husband and I are interested in the Cape Coral and Fort Myers area. We are looking for flips and keeps. We currently have under contract a property that we intent to flip in Cape Coral. We are both young and hungry for success, we have a one year old baby and he is our drive to do bigger and better until we achieve financial freedom. Im currently the deal finder and my husband still has his day time job what we would call the side hustle. Our goal is to build our portfolio to where we can both be 100% real estate. We think we can make this happen by finding the right people that we can partner with on deals as that has been the hardest part for us finding good deals. We are able to fund the deals as we have the credit combined with the finances. 

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Natalie, there is no alage at the moment. Although it is a serious issue that needs attention, it does seem as if the media only picks up the issue when local political elections are taking place. As an example, right now our ocean waters are clear but more inland areas including Lake O and Orlando curretly have algae blooms and no one is talking about it. I can't fully explain but it does create buying opportunities if you know what you are doing. I hope this helps.

Hello Alena, I'm really happy for you guys. Those are really great goals. @Dan Sarao of Luca Buys Houses is a great resource. Currently, in the Cape we have high inventory and a lot of home are selling well below their list price. For market properties, it's always good to work with an agent who can help you find homes with cosmetic problems that scare most buyers away but are easily solvable.

Can you advise what your buying criteria is?

@Alena Nunez

I would highly recommend connecting with Terry Records @ Records Real Estate. She is realtor that specializes in investments properties in the Cape Coral area. She has a property management co and her husband is contractor. She also just has a book out explaining how she turned 5k in to $6m. She is great resource management in that area


Hello my name is Tyler Swayze I know this is probably a waste of your time but I’m interested in getting into wholesale real estate and was wondering if you knew, do I need to have an RE license to begin or since it’d be under contract it’s not illegal to do without one. I would highly appreciate it if you’d help me with this.

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@Natalie Kolodij no it's back to paradise again. So long more protest a cleaner Lake Okeechobee and less discharge of Lake Okeechobee without treatment we in Southwest Florida will ok.

Alena, Just wanted to check with you. How is your investing journey going? I am looking to investing in the same area