ARV CALCULATION EXCELI tried calculating the ARV for the 14759 BETINA STREET, WINTER GARDEN, Florida 34787. I am not interested in this property because I don't like location. I just wanted to practice calculating ARV for future deals in WG. I know that the distance in my subject and comps are not ideal, but since this is only practice please ignore.Assuming the properties are 1/2 - 1 mile away in distance how accurate is my ARV in your experience?

Additional questions:

1. By how much ($ amount) does ARV change for every decade difference in year built between subject and comp?

2. By how much ($ amount) is the difference of a property that is poor vs average vs good vs excellent in WG?

3. By how much ($ amount) is a property ARV increased or decreased by having (or lacking) additional bathroom?

Please see attached or link below.

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