The short version:

Company A: claims dry-wood-termites; suggests tent-fumigation; sees no subterranean-termite damage; 
Company B
: claims subterranean-termites; sees no dry-wood termite damage; suggests annual control and monitoring 

I had one of my properties inspected for termites and the company came back saying that there are dry-wood-termites showing and their recommendation is to do tent-fumigation.  

Since they didn't have an opening for tent-fumigation in a time-frame that works for me, I reached out to second company to do an inspection (confirmed availability in advance) and they claim that according to their inspection there are NO dry-wood-termites HOWEVER  they see some heavy subterranean-termite activity surrounding the house and accordingly he suggest that I sign up for a annual monitoring and control payment plan (but he says no tent-fumigation is necessary)...        

I guess I should get a 3rd inspection...?!

Any of you had such an experience?