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Anyone Have an airBnB in Central Florida?
Does anybody own an airBNB in Central Florida who could share their recent history with it? I would really like to get into STR at some point with one of my next houses, but now does not seem like the right time. I... View more
Short term rental (STR) purchase: Davenport, Kissimmee, or other?
I want to invest in a short term rental (STR) or two. Eventually, I plan to move from DC to Orlando and temporarily live in one of the STRs while I search for a non-STR home. I have these questions:1. Should I buy in... View more
Market in Orlando and Agent referral
I’m first looking for a multi family adept and investor friendly agent. Second, I had a “guru” who operates out of Florida that the market down there is our of step with other parts of the country (and of course they... View more
Orlando Investing, worth it at this point?
I am looking for opinions about investing in Orlando? The condo I am thinking of getting can only be rented for longer than 1 month, should that be a deterrent? Thanks!
2 termite inspectors claim opposite results
The short version:Company A: claims dry-wood-termites; suggests tent-fumigation; sees no subterranean-termite damage; Company B: claims subterranean-termites; sees no dry-wood termite damage; suggests annual control... View more
Looking For Property Management Companies in Central FL
We are in the process of purchasing several SFH's in Central FL and we are looking for PM companies to connect with.We are currently looking at 3 markets there where we are likely to pull the trigger on purchases very... View more
hotel's turned into condos investing
Hi, what are your opinions about investing in hotels that turned into condos? please review the Zillow. https://www.zillow.com/b/8303-... Thank You! -Vimal Patel
The current state of the RE Market
I believe that we will be officially in a recession by the end of September 2020. Given that the market will take some time to bottom out I figure somewhere between 2022 thru 2024. I am under the impression that the... View more
Do You Require First, Last & Security? (34787)
We’ve owned our unit for over 2 years, but inherited a tenant that just recently moved out, so this is our first time signing a lease with a new tenant. Is it standard procedure locally to ask for first, last and... View more
New Investor in Orlando Area
Hello All,Since graduating from the University of Florida 2 years ago, I have found an interest in real estate investing and have since begun consuming all of the books and podcasts I can get my hands on. After reading... View more
Meetups in Orlando Florida
Hello, fellow Real Estate Enthusiasts!  My name is Bailey Kramer and I am an investor in the Orlando, Florida area.  I am looking to grow my network and am looking to attend online meetups.  Please reply if you know of... View more
thoughts on Mat Piche - The Fruitful Investor...
I was doing some research and looking for a coach and mentor and found Mat Piche, an REI in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. An area I'm looking to start investing in.He actually got a YouTube channel and have some before... View more
Why do investor bid on a property that's already had pending offe
I'm a little confuse by this county auction today. I see that it already had a pending offer on MLS so i did not bid on it. But then I saw someone win the bidding. Why do investor bid on a property that's already had... View more
Just started in Wholesaling in the Orlando-Clermont Area
Hi everyone ! Im new to wholesaling and looking to connect with experienced inventors. Ive sent out my first round of mailers but looking for someone(s) i can go to with questions on the process of everything. Any... View more
Seeking Agent & Recs for Orlando Investing
Hello, I am currently an investor in Washington, DC but looking into other markets and have landed on Orlando given high cap rates and a strong rental market. I am seeking recommendations on the best neighborhoods to... View more
Best rental area with 170k max?
Hello,I am a foreigner investor from Switzerland and i want to buy a rental property in Orlando.Max 170k for first investment.What kind of product and What area should i buy?Maybe a 3 bedroom condo not very far from... View more
Nona Title Company in Florida - Anyone dealt with this company?
Hi there, I just signed contract on a property in central Florida and the sellers title company is Nona Title. I was wondering if anyone here dealt with this company in the past.   I would appreciate your... View more
Looking for investment Realtor in Volusia county FL
Hey everybody ,i'm looking for a Relator from west Volusia county Florida who :- have experience with fix-n-flip deals.- know to estimate fixing costs.thanks, Guy Hakim
Greenhorn looking to jump into Central Florida
Hey guys my name is Theo and I'm a first timer looking to invest! I've been studying different strategies for the past couple years with seminars, books, podcasts, CFRI gatherings, and of course reading BP material and... View more
Real estate investor meetups in Daytona Beach/Orlando, FL area
Hi, me and a friend of mine have been looking for a real estate investor meet up group in the Daytona Beach/Orlando area. We are hoping to connect and build with likeminded people.
Local Realestate Investor
Hi, My name is Christopher Headd and im a local investor in the Orlando area looking to buy and sell or buy and hold for rental property.