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So I heard that most SFH built after 1990 in Winter Garden has HOA that can be anywhere up to $400.What if a SFH was built before 1990 but you fix it up buy and today... would that have an HOA?
Hi all,I'm new to REI and live in the greater Orlando area. As I've begun digging around here on BP I've run across two groups consistently that seem to be good resources in central Florida...GOREIA and CFRI. I was... View more
Is there any additional insurances (besides home insurance) that you need to buy for property in Winter Garden? For example, flood insurance, wind insurance, etc.
Can somebody recommend a good property management company in Winter Garden?Is it harder to get a property management company to manage a SFH in WG?
Does property manager company handle month to month rental?
I found a duplex in 32805 neighborhood, worth $95k. Seller asking for $130k, current rent are $1500/month. The only thing is tenants are on month to month basis. Does property management in Orlando handle month to... View more
Investing in Winter Garden Florida
Anybody here investing in multifamily properties (2-4 units) in Winter Garden Florida? What has been your experience?Also, in last 12 months jobs  in Winter Garden has increased by .36%. What kind of jobs have been... View more
Typical expenses of a 2-4 unit property in Winter Garden Florida
What are the typical expenses associated to a 2-4 unit property in Winter Garden? How much is typical monthly landscaping, insurance,HOA fees (if any), etc?Do tenants usually pay for their own utilities there in Winter... View more
Orlando Air B & B Option
I own two condo units that I've rented out on typical annual leases for the last ten years. I'm considering looking into the option of turning these units into Air B & B's. I've seen some recent news on local... View more
Orlando Lease Option
Anyone in the Orlando (and surrounding) area who specializes in lease option deals?  I've come across several clients so far who are having difficulty qualifying for a mortgage and may benefit from a lease option... View more
1% or 2% rule in Orlando?
Hi everyone! So I've heard about the 1% rule & 2% rule (or guidelines) when purchasing a rental property: the monthly rental rate should be 1%-2% of the total amount you have in the property to make it a good... View more
Searching for tips on choosing best rental management company
We are purchasing a SFH in a NEW resort in the Orlando Disney area. We are looking for a rental management company as we live in NJ and would find it hard to manage ourselves. One company we spoke too seems to... View more
Looking for management company for a 30 properties portfolio
Hi there, My name is Michael Zalkind, my company purchase properties to hold and flip in Orlando metropolitan. After trying three local management companies, we are looking for the best of the best in the area. Help... View more
Sell our home or invest in it?
Hello,  I'm new in the forum, want to start investing in Real Estate. I have a question on what would be the best approach to invest. We have a big house in a growing area in Orlando, FL. Paying out mortgage is not... View more
Orlando Multi-Family Homes
I currently live in Orlando, FL and one thing that comes to mind is the lack of individual multi-family homes around the 3 unit range in Central Florida. A little background on myself. I was born and raised in... View more
Construction and Demo Costs Estimate (Orlando area)
Hi everyone,I'm curious: does anyone have insight on estimated psf demo costs for a single family home in the Orlando/Central Florida area? To add to that, estimated psf new construction costs would be helpful, as... View more
Real Estate Attorneys & CPAs
HEY BP family Hope everyone is well and prosperous. Im looking for recommendation for local attorneys and CPAs to assist in forming an entity for flipping in the central fl area. Is there any one you guys have worked... View more
Property management for VRBO in Orlando
Hi everyone!A 2018 goal of mine is to purchase a vacation property in Orlando/Kissimmee close to the attractions & parks. I'm based in Pompano Beach, about 4 hours away, so my main concern is finding a reputable... View more
Broker Price Opinion - West Volusia County
Hi. I have a couple of inquiries to individuals I found online. But I posted this just in case I don't hear back.I'm looking for someone to produce a Broker Price Opinion at a reasonable fee. The property I need it for... View more
Agents & Property Managers
Hello All,I am a new member to the biggerpockets community and personal real estate investing. I currently work on the investment/finance side of things for a multifamily developer out of Los Angeles and feel I am... View more
Who's in Orlando that would like to meet?
I am trying to meet with as many people as I can to learn as much as I can - I am completely new to real estate investing. I would like to buy my first rental property soon somewhere in Florida, (I am out of Daytona)... View more