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Need Advice on Short-Term Rental Properties near Theme Parks
Hi. I am an out-of-state investor looking into townhouses that can be short-term rentals near theme parks. (Specifically, Encantada and Regal Oaks that are managed by CLC.) They seem to generate good rental income. I... View more
Kissimmee - short term rental -start up info
I recently purchased a condo in Kissimmee personal use, but am interested in possibly doing short term vacation rental a few times a year.I've been told there are several steps I need to get registered with the state,... View more
Involved in a hurricane re-hab and the private owner is not coop
I am the owner of a condo just now getting renovated from hurricane Matthew blowing the roof off in Daytona. It came out on the channel 9 news all over Orlando and Daytona. The HOA finally has there end almost... View more
Recommendations for a Real Estate Attorney
Hi I'm looking for recommendations on a real estate attorney to help look over my contracts. I would prefer local but I'm open to any suggestions. Thanks! Also anyone interested in a local meet-up? Let's network!
Needed - Orlando Accountant for Rental Properties
My accountant just retired (the bastard) so I need to find an Orlando based bookkeeper/accountant with real estate investment expertise.  We have over 250 rental properties and we complete several fix-n-flips per year... View more
Wholesaling and rehabbing in central Florida?
I would like to get in to both of these ventures. Is it a good or bad market to do so in? I've done a lot of research. Are these ventures generally successful in a buyer's market and not as successful in the sellers... View more
10-Plex pros and cons
I recently ran an analysis on a lake front 10-plex in Avon Park Fl. I live in Orlando so it is over an hour and a half away. The asking price is 250K, I can rent the 10 units for at least $650 per unit, after repairs.... View more
Portfolio Lenders in CFL
Hello everyone,I need to open a bank account for my newly formed LLC. I would prefer to find a bank that is a portfolio lender here in CFL. Please share some input on the banks you use and if they are portfolio... View more
Mold testing and remediation in Orlando recommendation?
Hello guys?I need recommendations for a company that covers Orlando and is able to assess a significant mold damage in a property and let me know what needs to be done to completely remove it.Any ideas?Thanks!
Orlando at historically low vacancy rates, rents up 5% YoY
I wanted to take a minute to highlight some of the market data that we should all be watching in Orlando right now. According to a recent multi-family market report from Marcus & Millichap, rents in the Orlando... View more
Any Commercial Real Estate Investors (not multifamily) on here?
Helloooo! Recently moved into the area to work in retail real estate brokerage. I see myself also buying shopping centers in the future. So I'd love to meet any of you [if there are any of you]Let's do coffee, please!
Looking for a good negotiating agent to purchase a vacation home
I need an excellent agent to help me find the right vacation home and get me a good deal.  Any recommendations?Also any feedback on Storey Lake this is an area of interest to me.Thanks 
Need Realtor for Investments in FL (Davenport & Space Coast)
My wife and I are looking to purchase an investment property around Davenport, FL or the Space Coast and are looking for a Realtor that is willing to run searches for investment homes as well as provide comps for the... View more
Looking for licensed electrician in Orlando area
I would like to get a recommendation for an electrician that does smaller jobs associated with rehabs in SFR. I only want to use someone that is licensed by the state and works the Orlando area. Who do you know or... View more
Looking for RE Investing team
Hello everyone,I've been a long time listener and reader but I'm getting to that point where I need to take action with all this knowledge I've been collecting. I'm currently living in South Orlando and I wanted to... View more
Part Time Start in Real Estate
Hello, My name is Janelle Martin and I'm a new member located in Orlando, Florida. I've had a great interest in real estate for some time now and am looking for a way to get some experience on a part time basis. I... View more
New property management co in Orlando
New property management company in Orlando, E2B Solutions. Investor focused because we are investors ourselves. We have great connections in Orlando that can drive down your expenses and increase your NOI. We have team... View more
Looking for a multi-family property in the Orlando area
Hi all- I'm looking for an off-market multi-family property (at a good discount) in the Orlando area. I'm flexible on condition of the property; just no war zone areas. Would like to do a 1031 exchange to purchase. ... View more
Need Help Accessing Registry of deeds online
Hey BP!I'm new to bigger pockets and I'm interested in learning to wholesale.I'm in the Seminole County area and would like to familiarize myself with deed searches. I know it's free public record however I haven't... View more
Rental Home with No Renter - sell or AirBnB it?
I own a 4500 sq ft 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom house in Winter Garden that I have been renting out since 2012. The renter moved out and I have been unable to find a new renter for a price where I can break even. It is... View more
Small Multi-Family Orlando - Network with Local Brokers
I'm an investor looking to potentially expand my portfolio in Central Florida.  Ideally looking to find small mult-family properties to buy and hold.  I'd like to connect with some local investors/brokers so I can find... View more
Beginner Real Estate Investors
Hello BP Community!My business partner and I are starting out in real estate investing. We are both out of state (NY and AL) but recently graduated from UCF and still have friends and family in the area that we visit... View more
New to the Real estate market.
Good evening my name is Avery Hill out of Orlando,Fl I'm 19 and currently looking for good people to connect with to show me around the real estate on ways to invest and also to get investors to back me. My only goal... View more