New Agent, Looking For Investor/PT Brokerages To Hang License

2 Replies | Orlando, Florida

I am a new agent, passing the state exam last week. I have not found a brokerage to hang my license yet because I haven't found what I am looking for yet. My main purpose for the license is to flip houses and save on the commission, while also showing houses on nights and weekends. I have a professional job that pays well and have no interest in leaving my company, as it will also be funding my ability to invest in properties in the early going.

I have met with large name companies like Keller Williams and very small brokerages with little recognition, if any. The large names like KW take a decently large split of the commission plus have start up fees, and the monthly fees. I wouldn't mind the startup and monthly fees if they did not also have hundreds/thousands in annual fees. The small brokerages, while financially flexible (only taking $360 off the top, no split, low monthly fees, etc) are very unprofessional in their websites online (errant spelling, colloquialisms, etc). Is there anything in between or is it really just go with a large name that provides everything and you pay a ton, or a no name that provides nearly nothing but you keep your commission? 

I am looking for a brokerage that will provide support from a technology/agent personal website point of view but still won't take ~40% of your commission. What mid level brokerages have you all found? I live in Longwood and am interested in brokerages in the Longwood/Altamonte/Lake Mary/Apopka area but would expand for the right brokerage. I appreciate your time.

Hi Scott, did you find a brokerage that works for you yet?  I haven't started investing personally yet so I didn't look at brokerages based on that but we have quite a few agents who just focus on their own personal deals.

Hey Randi,

I believe I am deciding to go with Coldwell Banker. Because I also need to act as an agent to help secure my own funding, I've decided to go with a brokerage that, while having high splits, will may for all marketing and nothing will come out of my pocket other than the ~$50/month generic. Once I am in a position to only work on my own deals and not act as a Realtor as well, then I may consider going boutique or being my own broker if 2 years have passed.

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