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Hello BP Orlando!

Can anyone recommend a good real estate agent in Orlando? I am looking for small multifamily properties.

Thanks in advance.

Hey there are a ton of realtors on here, if you’re looking in Orlando area why multi families?

What type of financing are you looking to use?

There's a ton of us Realtors on here. I've been mailing multi family properties off of tax records for a minute... It's a struggle. Inventory on the multi family front is limited!

@Chris Grenier im just getting started so im looking to start small and go from there.

 @Shawn G. we'll talk Saturday.

@Jared Maltbie if you could send me what you have or what you get in the future, that would be great! I know they are hard to find in Orlando. what about on the outskirts of Orlando?

@Bernadeau C. Right now I'm only farming Orange county. Mailers aren't the most cost efficient means of doing it (so I haven't started on Seminole, Brevard, & volusia counties yet) but until I can think of something else this is what i'm using... When something comes together I'll be sure to let you know!

Hey @Bernadeau C. I use @Erin Wysocki and she's wonderful! She does SFH & MFH and has always been extremely responsive and helpful. She is also an investor and does a great job of putting the numbers in context of an investor's goals and business.

Thank you everyone for the responses!

erin wysocki is great. perhaps reach out to her. you can find her on here.

no not yet 

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