Recommendations for Local Contractors

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I needed to show some love to this sub-sub-sub forum!

Could anyone recommend a good local contractor in Hialeah? I am trying to renovate my house and I've had trouble finding one that shows up when he says he will. I usually have to call and follow up several times before I can finally get a "I'll come out on Saturday." I'd rather be told you can't get to me in the next few days than strung along like a fool. 

Please let me know if anyone has someone they've worked with in the past. If they speak English even better!  -- but I also speak Spanish

Upvoted. I live in Miami Lakes and have had some success with a couple of handymen (electricians and AC guys but not general contractors) I could give you the number of one of mine that has been very reliable and decently priced but he speaks only spanish :/ Such though is the South Florida market lol

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