Looking for an experience investor

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Hello BP,

I'm in the need of some help. I'm a new investor in the Atlanta area and I have been doing some study and work with the real estate. Lately I have been working on my marketing with online leads, vacant house and pre foreclose homes and it has being a great experience over the phone but lately I had a motivated seller contact me in regards of a pre foreclose home. After running the number on what he told me it looks to be a great deal and I have an appointment set up for today. I would like to see if someone with experience could go through the numbers with me and if you also think this a great deal, I would like for you to join me in this venture so we can all benefit from it.

Please contact me through my email and I can go more into detail. Thanks

thanks for the replies I was able to meet the seller yesterday. All the numbers look good and the best strategy is subject to, just that the owner doesn't feel comfortable doing that and he is only aware of the conventional way of buying real estate.