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Investor-friendly agents in Atlanta
Ready to get serious about investing in Atlanta? Connect with investor-friendly agents who can help you land your next deal. As local experts, they know the Atlanta market inside and out and can evaluate properties... View more
GC who can also do architectural work and design in ATL
I'm trying to find a general contractor who can also do architectural work and design. It takes a lot of time to figure out what the right finishes should be in some of these larger flips. Basically, I am trying to... View more
Newbie to Wholesaling
Hello everyone. My name is Letrease. I just joined BP and I’m a newbie, ready to jump into the wholesaling side of real estate. I’m currently located in the Atlanta area and I would love to start networking with... View more
6 Acres in Tucker, GA. Thoughts on JV with Builder/Investor
We own 6 + acres in Tucker, Ga and are discussing a JV to help develop, We are open to creative deal structures that work for all parties, objectives can be altered and discussed- but we are unsure how these are... View more
2020 Summer Internship Opportunity
I am a freshman at Duke University studying Computer Science and Economics and am actively involved as an Analyst in the Duke Real Estate Club. I am looking for an internship in real estate this summer. Please let me... View more
Who is doing the renovations in Downtown Atlanta?
I have never done a renovation project before and was in the market for some rental homes.   I noticed in the downtown Atlanta area these renovated homes were popping up in some "up and coming" neighborhoods... View more
Anyone doing Flips or Rentals in the Jacksonville, FL area
, I hear there are still a some good deals in the area. Anybody working in the area? Flips or Buy and hold? I live in Miami so any information would be greatly appreciated as I know very little about the market.
Looking for GC to do 203k repairs
Has to have biz license & insurance.  need some 203k repairs done, so there will be a little paperwork involved. need new roof, siding rot repair, flashing, other odds and ends.  I also have subs if you can't do... View more
Atlanta meet up group in July 8 - 12 ?
HelloI'm from Brazil and I will be giving a lecture about fishing in Brazil at the Brazilian Consulate in Atlanta.Looking for a real estate meet up group during 8 to 12 JULY. Any one know if there will be any?(people... View more
Financial Questions - Metro ATL Area
Hey everyone! I would love to pick your brain if you know any solutions for any of these:1. Anyone knows any companies who buy's the investment with you, pay the downpayment for you, and will act as co-buyer??2. Any... View more
Find a contractor in Georgia
I'm a newbie starting out. I'm trying to find a contractor in the Atlanta area. I am in the process of doing a 203k rehab loan on a duplex in Villa Rica, GA. Any advice or recommendations would be great. Thanks!
Roofstock Rental Property in Savannah, GA
Hi there,I am in the process to buy my first Real Estate Rental Investment Property in Savannah, GA through Roofstock and can't belive I am finally posting on Bigger Pockets. I was waiting to find the property that... View more
Any thought for Investing in Rental property around Stonecrest
I looked around stonecrest and lot of new builders are building in my price range. Looks like the math may workout for my first rental property. Anythought or direction about the Stonecrest Area?
Need an appraisal done by a licensed appraiser in Fairburn
I'm listing a home for sale in Fairburn and the owner would like an appraisal done to determine the accurate square footage. It appears the tax record may be incorrect but she has no documentation to prove it. We don't... View more
Looking to connect with a top upcoming Realtor 23-35 years old.
Happy holidays!I am in need of some referrals of top young Realtors in Atlanta. This is for a video interview about their market, advice they have for buyers/sellers in 2019, and other topics. It's basically free... View more
Contractor Reccomendations For Atlanta ITP
Hello!  I see this post come up often and I thought I could easily just search past forum posts, but seeing as how the landscape of RE changes so fast in this city I figure I would simply ask again.  I’m looking for... View more
Morrow Commercial Real Estate
I'm looking at a commercial deal on office space in Morrow.  Does anyone know that area, who can tell me if things are trending better or worse.  The property is off of Mt. Zion road, and there is A LOT of vacancy in... View more
Need a Room to Rent Close to Midtown Atlanta
Hi all! I'm a commercial real estate broker moving to Atlanta and I'm in search of a room share or 1 bedroom opportunity available. I know the podcasts talk about unique rental opportunities that some investors delve... View more
Looking to help REI's in Atlanta
I currently have my own Marketing Company and I want to step into the real estate investing world. I would like to assist with an investor based in Atlanta with deals, research, marketing, etc. The first step for me is... View more
Deck Repair and Home Renovation.
I am looking for a great carpenter and/or handyman to renovate a deck and do some other minor renovations including paint work to a single family home in SW Atlanta. Please provide any great recommendations. Thanks
Short Term Rentals ITP
Has anyone done any short term rentals in 30032 or 30316?  What about the SW Atlanta? Curious to hear how that compares to market rents in those neighborhoods...
Turn Key in or around Atlanta
Hey BP,I met up with my Brother this weekend at my Father's 90th birthday party. We got to speaking about real estate investing. I was able to share the knowledge I'd gained from BiggerPockets and he was impressed... View more