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New member and small time investor looking to connect
Hi guys,I am local to the Atlanta area with 2 SFR properties along with another primary residence that is a major investment. Both of the SFR have complete equity in them and I'm looking for other properties. I am... View more
Looking into the Atlanta and surround areas for SFR
Hello fellow BP'ers, Newbie here. I'm planning to visit Atlanta, GA the last week of July with my boyfriend to look at different neighborhoods and surrounding cities for SFR-4plex investment. Although my real estate... View more
The Impact of getting a Building permit in the City of Atlanta
You have closed on your hard money loan and now it is time to get your rehab going......I created a list to save you some time:  Please use the following building permit checklist if you are planning a rehab in City... View more
What is the average cost for attic insulation in the Metro area?
I need to have the attic in a 1,282 Sq Ft property and my PM has given me two quotes. $5,867 and $3400. Is this reasonable or am I right to think these are outrageous quotes? Can anyone point me in the direction of a... View more
Asset protection advice/referrals
Hello BP, novice here. I live in Atlanta and will be doing SFH flips here and in other cities/states, and I'm also looking to invest in MFH down the line. I'm looking for someone who's familiar with business... View more
Looking for a Commercial Real Estate Agent for a Land Listing
I currently own a vacant, commercially-zoned lot off Roosevelt Highway near College Park and am looking for a phenomenal agent to get it sold for me! If you know anyone, please let me know.
Gardener recommendation
Does anyone know and recommends any gardeners in zip code 30349(South Atlanta) or 30013 (Conyers)?I'm just looking for someone to mow the lawn and hedges. 
Holding up our Closings - The New Water Bill Legislation
Most, if not all, active investors have notice that there is a new step we have to take in order to close.We now have to wait 10 days and pay $10 to make sure there are no outstanding water bills on a property. Which... View more
Cup of Coffee
Hi BP!,I just moved to the Atlanta/Sandy Springs area and trying to meet up with local investors.  (Without the REAL Estate Marketing Pitches and get rich quick seminars). I would love to network over a cup of coffee... View more
Private Lending Wholesalers and General Contractors
Hello everyone,The hustle is on full blast!. Im looking to get in contact via in person meetings or phone calls etc  with people that I will need to start investing in real estate. I need contacts for private lending,... View more
Newbie Looking for Real Estate Realator in Douglasville GA
Hi, I am new to real estate so I am absorbing all the info I can to be a great investor to repair and flip homes as well as acquiring rental properties. I am looking for little or no money down property investments... View more
Looking for a new property manager in West Atlanta
Hi guys. I own two properties in west Atlanta, one in 30331 and one in 30314. I need a new property manager. Can anyone recommend a good one, or even tell me about any that I should avoid?
Young investor looking for networking and advice
Hey guys, So I' a young investor getting started in wholesaling and I've heard it's extremely important to network and build buyer's lists! Currently in the process of marketing my first property and could use any... View more
Looking for advice
Hello everyone,im looking to connect with Wholesalers/investors and investor friendly agentsim looking for a good place to start investing and would like help on what areas would be a good place to focus mainly... View more
Metro Atlanta Investor
Greetings! I work for a in house renovation company specializing In buying distressed properties through out the atlanta area! Our favorite areas are peoplestown,west-end, East Lake, Grant Park,Cobb county, Ormewood... View more
Looking for rental property
Hi!  Can anyone give me some good areas in Atlanta for rentals. I'm trying to stay in the $100k max range.  Specifically, I'm looking for a good location in a safe area with good rental potential.  Conversely, if... View more
Need Attorney for JV "Opportunity" in Fulton county
Can someone please recommend an attorney who is WELL versed in JV agreements? SFR reno in Fulton county. The flipper is asking for renovation dollars only. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
Purchasing commercial real estate in Atlanta,GA
Hey guys, so I need some advice. My wife is an attorney and works from her office in our house in Atlanta,GA. We have discussed what we would do when she out grows our house and we have decided that before the year is... View more
Interior Design Assistance
Hi Atlanta Investors,My name is Chase. I am passionate about beautifying places and spaces through interior design/decorating. I have a vast understanding of everything decor and can provide story boards, color... View more
Rent prices in Candler Park
Hello, I've heard that rent prices have surged for intown neighborhoods. What is the range for rent for a 3/2 single family home (2000sq ft) in Candler Park, nice backyard, walking distance to Mary Lin, backing up to... View more
Looking to Lease or Purchase a space for a Restaurant
I have clients that are ready to lease or purchase a commercial space for a restaurant here in the Atlanta area. My clients are serious and we need to make a move soon, preferably one with kitchen equipment already in... View more
whats this area like 30035
Is anyone in investing in 30035? Could you give me the sense of neighborhood around Riverbrook Rd, Decantur, GA 30035. (Its Riverbrook Rd at S hairston Rd) What are some other solid area codes/areas for buy and hold or... View more
Looking for a full time property manager 277 Units in Decatur GA
Hey BP members,Great opportunity.We have a 277 unit complex in Decatur, Atlanta Georgia that we purchased in November 2015. We have already done a large rehab, and around 80% of the units are fully renovated and ready... View more
Decatur Area
I am seeing a lot of properties for sale in Decatur area, lots of multifamilies too. It seems like every week i see a few more. Is there something going on in that area that everyone is cashing out? I look at some the... View more