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Where to invest in/around Atlanta for under 150K?
Hello all, I am an out of state investor and I am interested in buy and hold properties with a focus on cashflow in the Atlanta area. I am looking into sfh and duplexes. Being out of state I want as little headache as... View more
Reasonable Pet Deposit in Atlanta
Hi all, I'm inheriting tenants (month-to-month) in a deal i'm working on. They have a dog but didn't put down a pet deposit when they initially moved in a few years ago. Wondering what's a reasonable pet fee to charge... View more
Is this true about Atlanta Mutli-family Properties?
Hey everyone, Long time listener of BiggerPockets, first-time forum poster, and first-time real estate investor (outside of REIT's.) I just got back from a visit to the Atlanta, GA market where my real estate agent... View more
Looking for recommendations for tax professional (metro Atlanta)
Hi, Unfortunately my regular tax professional's health has apparently been affected by COVID19. As you could imagine preparing tax returns is the last thing on her mind right now. I don't know when or if she will ever... View more
Atlanta Concrete/Grill Island Project
I'm finishing up a project in Atlanta, GA (Edgewood area) and want to make a few improvements to the backyard. First, I'd like to add concrete to provide an extra parking spot. Second, I'd like to add an outdoor grill... View more
Property Management - Atlanta
Looking for a good property management company. Please do not even think of suggesting either Atlantic Property Management or GTL Property Management.
Atlanta, GA Real Estate Market Outlook
My first post! I'm a newbie looking for my first deal. I just started reading The Ultimate Beginners' Guide to Real Estate Investing and I ran across the explanation of the Real Estate Market Cycle. My question is,... View more
Temple View Capital HML
Hello BP,I came across Temple View Capital and of course was amazed.... the first draw available before the work is completed??? Get out!! Their site looks nice and pretty transparent, although the FAQ about... View more
Do I have a deal? Help me figure this out.
I have a Sfh 3/2.5 in a nice area under contract for $215k the ARV is 280k. Suggested rent price is $2,100. It is a foreclosure and it needs no repairs. Do I still have to buy at .60/.65% to be a good deal?
Looking for a Lender for a Low Value Refinance in Atlanta
Hi Everyone,I am closing on a property soon in the Stone Mountain area. It is a condo that should appraise in the ~60K range. My partner and I have reached out to a few larger/national banks in the area and they do not... View more
Short Term Rentals/Airbnb Hosts in ATL
I'm having a little trouble finding more properties to rent as short term rentals in Atlanta. Looking for landlords or Airbnb hosts that would like to partner or advice on best places to look. My business partner and I... View more
Getting Inspections During Covid-19 Shutdown
Has anyone been able to complete the process of having their inspections done on residential properties while the city offices are closed?  I know that pursuant to Kemp's Executive order, we are permitted to engage... View more
contacts of Buyer's agent, prop mgmt firm in Huntsville, AL
Hello,I live in Seattle and I am interested in making an offer for a MF in Huntsville, AL.  Could you help me with your reference for a trustworthy buyer's agent ? I am also looking for references for other important... View more
2020 Summer Internship Opportunity
I am a freshman at Duke University studying Computer Science and Economics and am actively involved as an Analyst in the Duke Real Estate Club. I am looking for an internship in real estate this summer. Please let me... View more
Is it too soon to panic?
So I closed on my second flip property last month. I was really excited about this one until now! Things seem to be changing daily, for the worse. To those of you who invest in the Atlanta area, how severe of an impact... View more
How can I sell a Flight Crew CrashPad?
I Started a CrashPad over a year ago. We have put extensive materials and time getting it set up. Does anyone know how to list a CrashPad for sale? I have found that it requires more work then we expected and do not... View more
South Atlanta Investing
Does anyone have any experience or any luck investing in South Atlanta. I am looking at a few flips in the Lakewood, Thomasville Heights, and Norwood Manor areas. I was told this was an up and coming area. Just looking... View more
Agent/Realtor Wholesaling: Commission Versus Wholesale Fee?
Agents/Realtors: Do you take both a commission and wholesale fee while wholesaling properties? Or just a wholesale fee while forgoing commission? What do your brokers allow?
Atlanta Mayor to Halt Evictions - What does this mean?
Keisha Lance Bottoms posted this on Facebook, but I'm not clear exactly what it means and what the implications are.  Does this only apply to the "partners" listed in the first paragraph?  Are there broader... View more
What makes for a good renovation lead?
I work for Opendoor(largest nationwide Ibuyer) and we are looking at generating an investor lead email in the Atlanta area. Two questions 1. How should we adjust for finished basement sqft with respect to coming up... View more
Contractors - Atlanta Metro Area
Hi,Does anyone know a good general contractor in the Atlanta metro area? I've recently started analyzing potential BRRRR properties and I would need a contractor that could bring the property to it's highest use and... View more
Insurance when moving from my personal name to an LLC
I currently own my duplex in my name but i am looking to move it into an LLC in the near future. i spoke with my current insurance company and they don't cover commercial only residential. What are some good... View more
Investor-friendly Realtor in Metro Atlanta, GA Needed
Hello BP'ers, I am a new member looking for an investor-friendly Realtor in metro ATL. My wife and I are moving to the area and are looking to buy a 3bd/2ba (<2K SqFt) detached house that we can convert into a... View more