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I have been asked time after time by investors this very question. We all know that Ga is HOT. However, some only want certain counties to invest in. I personally like Cobb county because it's where I live and the school districts are amazing! Can't forget about the new Braves stadium :) What do you think and why? 

Hi Carl

I started my investment in Dekalb – well I don’t like it so much. The prices are not cheap , school are bad, and the tenants are mostly low income. Now I am looking at Fulton where we can find good prices in decent places and much better theoretical cache flow. I been told houses are rented very fast there.

The was a post that Lawrenceville and Gwinnet take longer to rent. So I have some concerns on that area.



I'm currently in the process of looking for some investment property to house hack and it seems Fulton county is the best area for me. I work in Dekalb county but can not found a decent quad in the area to save my life! Im hoping to find something in Fulton because the area is so big and yet so close to Dekalb and still fit my price range.

I agree, Fulton is great for rentals , Dekalb is pretty good too, I have one SFR in each county and both were super easy to rent...

I personally love Cobb. I live here also. Schools are great, rents are high, decent tenants, low days on market, KSU, SPSU, Chat Tech, Life University. No shortage of tenants.

County is a bit broad for me.  However, I like ITP so Fulton, Dekalb and  then Cobb.  Henry is kinda far but pretty decent.  Gwinnett and Clayton rentals would need to be great deals.

I found lot of SFR in 80-90K range in 30032 (Decatur) zip code and looking for investing in 30032 zip code, is it a good zip code for Decent tenants? Low days on market etc.?

@Carl Brown The metro atlanta counties are so expansive, and so are the zip codes. You can go from not so good to great in just a few blocks (less than a mile) We closed on a duplex 2 mos ago for 70k. One side was leased and the other needed 8k in rehab, ARV 110k. Rent is 950 each side! We will close tuesday on a 60k 3/2 that will need 10k in rehab and ARV is $110 and rent is $1000. Hard money deal that we will BRRRR. We have another 3/2 short sale under review for 55k with 15k in rehab and should rent for at least $1000. One of these deal is in Dekalb, and the other two are not in Fulton, Gwinnett, or Cobb. Its all about your investment strategy, from locating to exit. You have to have patience and good partner @Patrick Anibaldi @Kweillin Gordon @Jeffrey Velez @Shiri Manor Nisenbaum

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I see that there are duplexes mostly in 30318 and 30314 however I had concerns that this areas are street by street and one need to be local or have someone he 100% trust to manage his business. The bif property management companies don’t want to work in these areas. At least that’s what some of them told me..

True. Lots of duplexes in those areas and you are right about companies wanting to work those areas. I focus mainly in Cobb county. It's ripe for good deals. 

Great insight @Juan Jackson Sounds like you have action going on. Maybe we can work together at some point. My team offers funding as well now. (private) 

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@Carl Brown thanks. @Shiri Manor Nisenbaum I will never tell a client that I do not work a particular neighborhood. Sounds like they don't see your vision.....But I want get into that now...

About 6 years ago, I decided that I wanted to buy rentals in only 2 types of places:  decent urban areas and high-end suburban areas.  I realize they're almost 2 polar sides, but each has its advantages.  Decent urban has low vacancy, good rent rolls, and low sales prices.  High-end suburban has good tenants, much higher rents, and lower taxes/insurance/maintenance/headaches. DeKalb County has decent properties in urban areas that are not drug-infested.  East Cherokee County is exploding in the high-end suburban end with good deals still to be had.

@Carl Brown We may need to talk about the funding you mentioned! Reach out to me!

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