Atlanta investors: Did water co make you pay previous owners bill

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I know the City of Atlanta has a habit of trying to collect previous owner's liens and many people just pay and don't fight. 

I would like to see who's interested in banding together and get some media attention?

I recently had to pay a $ 2400 bill when selling a house, that I had bought in 2009. I have the response for payoff request and watershed said that there aren't any outstanding bills. In 2014 they created a lien in the name of an owner who owned the property for 1 month in 2000. There were 9 other closings between that 2000 owner and when I bought it. 

I'm not going to roll over and play dead. Anyone else on board?

Good for you. In the past I'd been able to fix it. 

I also had a situation with a 2nd house, where they forced me to pay almost $ 4800 from previous tenant to sell the house - not legal according to Ga code 36-60-17. I've had enough

Hi Michaela, The REIAs are where there's more active investors who have deeper pockets and deal flow.   From GaREIA's deal makers group posted mid '17:

Due to a recent change in GA law, you can now force the city to remove a water lien. But you must be able to quote the new law and prove this unpaid bill was the tenant's and not the owners.

Even though the city is no longer ALLOWED to do it, they still routinely try and will lie straight into your face until you produce the law. Some one deal makers should have the new laws and procedures.

<A member... > I believe you are talking about OCGA 36-60-17, which is being amended by senate bill 206 (not sure if Governor has signed the senate bill. I’ve also heard that Atlanta still does this and many buyers/closing attorneys just pay the bill rather than delay a closing.

Oh Michaela, sorry I see you have the Ga Statue referenced...  Oh well.   Yes you have an odd situation, a few closings missed the bill.    Hope you can make some headway.   Atlanta,  Dekalb on par re their water dept issues!

Yes, I'm aware of 36-60-17, but they refused to accept it.  I used to be able to get them to take it off, but they lie straight in your face. I'm hoping to get a bunch of people together and get some media attention and embarrass the hell out of the city and get us paid back.

@Michaela G. Sorry to hear this, but I like that you are not putting up with this! I personally have never had this problem, but I never want it to be an issue so let us know what we can do to help you out.