Atlanta Neighborhood Grades

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I am looking for assistance in understanding the grades (A-F) for the following Atlanta and surrounding neighborhoods. Can someone please help me get a better feel for the area. Any specifics can provide as well will help. If you need additional information to help with the grading just let me know. Thank you.

Decatur, GA 30032

College Park, GA 30337

Atlanta, GA 30311

East Point, GA 30344

Each neighborhood has pockets that are better or worse, so, you can't really give blanket grades.

As much as it sounds like a lot of work. you should come down and drive all the streets and get a feel for those zip codes. You live close enough where you could drive down and explore for a few days.  Many people won't do the leg work themselves, but if you're spending your own money you should do it. I invested out of state and made multiple trips to areas I wound up investing in.

Look around on Google street view if you can't make it down.  Both Decatur and Atlanta can have pockets between A-F.  College Park and East Point maybe more between C-F?  Someone else feel free to disagree on that, but that's what I found when I looked in those areas a couple months ago.  The zip codes don't really help narrow that down.  There is a street or two in East Point that I'd consider B.  I agree with the above, if you can come and drive around it'll help significantly, but until then use street view to get a better sense of your specific areas.  

I may have to just drive down there. I have used google street view and looked at some of the 'crime sites' to get an idea but I feel it just blankets the zip and I was hoping maybe those a bit more experienced in the area could help identify a bit more specific of B, B+ if I provided some landmarks or major intersections.

Hi Jarrod-

With Atlanta's 242 neighborhoods, it's understandable how it can be difficult and overwhelming with lots of conflicting info on the internet.  As an Atlanta native myself, it's been amazing to see the city evolve and grow. My main question would be, what is your investment strategy and at what price points?

    Originally posted by @Rick Baggenstoss :

    @Jarrod Miracle  It makes no sense for someone from Charlotte to invest in Atlanta.  Nor does it makes sense for someone in Atlanta to invest in Charlotte.  You live in a great market.  You'll never be able to compete effectively here like you could there.  

     Maybe for diversify reason. But I also agree with you. 

    Atlanta is very tough to get a feel for if you don't see it.  The beltline has drastically changed the entire city.  You might want to get with a good agent and take a look at properties you would actually consider.  But by all means take a road trip down here...or two or three.