homes on Moreland ave not selling ? Atlanta

2 Replies | Atlanta, Georgia

I drove on Moreland ave between I-20 toward 285 and I notice that the whole block in for sale , A lot of the homes have Been renovated, some are selling for the High 300s but they have been on the market for a long time, I’m wondering why, I’m really more curious about that area 

@Jay Ragland I Don’t have an exact address at moment it’s like 10 homes in a row on each side of the road all with for sale signs that have been there’s for a long time I’m going to go by there today and get a few of the addresses with the asking prices , I was just curious about what was going on that block , I notice they had built the new condos on the road and all of the homes around it are for sale also ,it’s been like that for months . What’s the story on the property you sold, was it a flip? 

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