House hack near Oakland City?

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Hi all, 

I am a recent GT grad looking to house hack / live-in flip. Does anyone have experience living (or renting rooms out) near Oakland City? My budget is in the mid 300's including reno costs and it looks like I could get a 4+ bedroom house near the Beltline around there. It's not really an area where I'd want to live alone but I would feel fine having a few roommates. Does anyone know if there is demand from students / young professionals in that area to rent out rooms? 

I was previously looking pretty far north for something within my budget, but this ITP location seems like a great option! Would appreciate any input! 

Hey Paul,

This is a great idea. I am a local realtor and investor and have a few rooming houses for college students and they are always rented. Let's connect to discuss further. 

Hi Paul,

That area is showing strong growth and there's great value in investing there. I'm a local agent working in the area and it sounds like we have similar interests and goals. I'd love to hear about your journey so far!