Atlanta Investor Friendly property manager for 5 rentals

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I have 5 rentals (mostly new construction) in the Atlanta metro area. Looking for an investor-friendly property manager who charges a nominal fee for property management, leasing, renewal and re-lease. Also, maintenance cost should be actual, not big markup. Basically able to manage turnover within budget and investor-friendly way. 

My current PM has a low PM fee but they charge 35% renewal fee which I feel is high, markup in maintenance and turnover involves markup..basically high cost to the owner. I want a reliable and trustworthy PM to make the rental turnover process easy and also I can trust him for regular maintenance calls cost.  I do not want to run around to find contractors who can do the work at a much lower cost. 

I sent you a PM. A lot of discount PM firms mark up repairs and charge extra fees. They have learned that most people just ask what is the percentage that they take. Most people fail to ask about additional fees or look over the fee structure. I have heard some crazy stories from now clients that were leaving another PM firm.

Always look at the entire fee structure, don't just get stuck on the percentage.

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Hi John, I work with a group that would be interested in managing your portfolio and would love to discuss the option further. 

can u please share details for the property manager you are recommending via direct message?   

Hey John, I kind of echo what Todd said.  Having owned a PM company and also being on the investor side one thing that I know is that you get what you pay for.  Personally, I think property management is THE MOST IMPORTANT outsourced function an investor needs for a variety of reasons.  You should evaluate no only the actual costs of a manager but the opportunity costs or lost revenue of a bad one.  When there isn't any profit in management, you aren't going to get anyone to do the important things effectively that are required to find and keep good tenants and take care of your property.  I don't have a dog in the fight anymore as I am under a non-compete for management services but thought I would give you my input for what it is worth.