Popular bank in Atlanta for business account for llc

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Good morning, I have a business account for my llc here in Atlanta at a local bank. At this time I use them to receive rental deposits and pay mortgage out of. 

They are extremely technologically challenged and very slow moving. 

Any advice on which banks would be good candidates to move my account to. At this time, here’s what I am looking for: easy to setup & use, I should be able to setup multiple accounts on my own without each taking a trip to the bank, good online technology and optionally someone who can be a lender at some point in future. 

Thank you for your advice!!

Hey @Akhil Kumar

If your bank starts with a "Q," then I probably know exactly how you feel.

I recently decided to close my business accounts with said bank and have a couple of options. 

1. Move my cash into a local bank who's lending environment aligns with how I wish to grow and invest. Obviously, they would also need to have technological features the other bank did not have, such as ACH transfers. 

2. Just open a business account with my online bank who I already know can provide me with the exact services I need. 

I'm leaning towards the latter since I tend to go with the simplest answer to questions that are not life or death. 

So unfortunately, no, I do not have a local bank I can recommend. However, if the bank you are referring to does not start with a "Q" and you are not sure who I am talking about, shoot me a message and I can confirm who you definitely do not want to bank with. Hope my thought process also might help you a bit!

Also interested in this. My current business bank account for my LLC is with Chase, but that was only due to a good signing bonus (at the time) and not really being able to find a good "local" bank that seems like they're "with-it" on the technology/ease of use side (going solely be online reviews and their websites). Recommendations are welcome for a local bank / credit union that is investor friendly and easy to use...I'd prefer to keep my $ local/small time wherever possible to develop a long term relationship, but NOT at the cost of being easy to use and technologically capable.