South Metro Atlanta Property Manager

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I'm looking for options. Current management has several issues. The location specifically is further south in Spalding county, on a 32 unit multifamily. Any suggestions or referrals would be appreciated! Thanks.

Hey @Kent Ernst , I operate in Metro Atlanta and may be able to make a recommendation for property management.

Is your current PM performed on-site? Also, what specifically did they do (or not do) in their service of your operation?

Thanks for the response @Mitch Messer , My current PM has an office in the town (Griffin). There are just endless issues and everything ends up costing me. They are slow to evict, they work at a snails pace on their rerent efforts, sometimes several months, they don't advertise vacancies, they do not screen tenants properly, they hold apartments for people without getting deposits, and half the time they don't follow through with renting, after tenants move out and a renovation is done, they rent the apartments for LESS than the prior tenant, they almost always forget to disconnect the electricity after a move in and the tenants power use is billed back to me, their maintenance is out of control expensive with no pictures or accountability, and several of the tenants complain about them having a bad attitude & they don't want to deal with them any more. And somehow, I'm the bad guy if I complain about it. I could go on, but you get the idea... I've given them a year and things have been getting progressively worse. I'm done. I'm back to dealing with a few connections I have on a self management option at the moment, but want something a little more hands off. My ears are open to any options you may have.