New to Savannah, wanting to do BRRRR

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I am new to real estate investing, I want to buy rental properties in Savannah area, what area around Savannah would have good rental market?

Rincon, Pooler, Springfield, & Guyton are areas outside of Savannah to look into.

Bluffton, SC is very solid too. I commute daily to the airport from Bluffton and the drive is much more enjoyable than driving to Pooler.

Which airport?   The airport is in pooler.  Lol

Hey Josh how is the rental market in Rincon?   Easy to get renters in the 1300/month range?

@Jamie Spitale You can certainly get $1300. On a nice single family rental around 1300-1500 sqft that is definitely doable. I have a rental coming available soon in South Guyton that is 1300sqft that I plan to market at $1295.00 per month. 

We are currently in a 1890 sqft  home in picket fences.  Blandford/ebenezer district. Looking to upgrade but keep this as a rental.  What could I get you think and do you recommend a property management company in this area?

Originally posted by @Joshua Austin :

Rincon, Pooler, Springfield, & Guyton are areas outside of Savannah to look into.

 What do you think about rehabbing around west Savannah? that area seem like it will grow in the future because of new plan. and I would love to know someone who is interested in investing in Savannah. 

@Sujan Basnet I would need to know which areas exactly. Certainly there are areas in west Savannah that I personally would avoid but there are some closer to Chatham Parkway and HWY 17 that I think have great potential. 

Hi. I currently have a few buy and holds in Statesboro but looking to get my first rental property in the rincon, port wentworth, pooler or Savannah area. What location can you guys recommend to get started on? 


I have zero experience with real estate, but hope to be investing in my first buy and hold in Statesboro or Brooklet soon.  I was speaking to a realtor/property manager in Statesboro about investing in the Savannah area and was told that the Savannah is a challenge with cash flow because of higher taxes.  

I am curious to know if you use a property manager in Statesboro? If so, are you satisfied?  



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