Looking For Real Estate Professionals For Investment Properties

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A little about me i am a real estate investor in Austin Texas and commercial construction superintendent in San Francisco. I am looking to purchase property in Boise mostly multifamily and would like to connect with realtors, loan officers & other investors. Please reach out so we can get to work.

I have to say I'm interested in your cross-country jobs/investments. Do you live in Austin but work in San Francisco? Or simply have some real estate here? Either way, why pick Boise as your next investment spot (not that there's anything wrong with it)?

@Jacob Pereira I live in San Francisco and have properties in Austin and looking to invest in other areas as well. I think Boise provides a unique opportunity to invest in multifamily or repurpose existing single family being that in my opinion it is primarily a relocation market with prices being driven up from wealthy people from other areas and not an increase high paying jobs. I believe it prices out a lot of the working people in the market and with zero interest rates called out by the fed until 2023. If interest rates go up and absolute value of properties go down I think Boise has some protection from this and will keep a strong rental market. Also tired of trying to build in large bureaucratic cities 

I am a local Realtor (for 29 years) that also happens to own a few rental properties.  I would be honored to assist and answer any questions and help point you to resource sites.