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Hi everyone,

I’m usually a long-term buy and hold single-/multi-family investor. However, my mom, who lives in Meridian, ID, is getting older and my wife and I are thinking of buying a second home in the area. Being an investor I would prefer if we could rent it out on a daily, weekly or monthly basis when we’re not using it (we only need it 3 months a year but might move permanent in the future). Does anyone have a recommendation for a property manager in the area that could do nightly rentals or maybe someone who could target groups like traveling nurses, business people on short term contracts or families waiting for their home to be built? Thanks.

Hi Daniel 

I am here in Boise. I have done a lot of work with Aloha property management.  They are more long term though. If you would like to message me I have some other ideas.


Eddy Udry

Hi Daniel, 

I sent you a message but also wanted to post here. I am with local STR proper management company and we manage a bevy of units in the area. We can also help you locate and identify what units may cash flow better than others. Happy to chat.

Hi Daniel,

There are also a few companies in town that manage airbnb properties. I have personally spoken with Katie at Boise Bnb Property Management, and she was fairly responsive. This could be a good option because you could just block out the dates that you're going to be in town and have the house available otherwise. 

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