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Hello BP Chicago Community! 

I recently graduated from The University of Michigan, and have relocated to Chicago in search of work. I have read six books on real estate investing but was hoping to connect with some seasoned locals who have the lived experience and are familiar with the nuances of investing in the Chicago area. 

Looking forward to connecting!


@Samuel Dunlap Congratulations on your recent graduation. You are in the right place and I will send you a private message with some additional local resources here in Chicago. 

@Samuel Dunlap welcome to the community! You are in the right place to meet a lot of great people here in the Chicago market. Which part of Chicago do you live in currently? I would recommend finding local meetups to start digging into whichever sub market you want to invest in. I personally got so much value from a land lording group that meets locally here in Berwyn when I was starting out. Networking is the way to go! 

Hey @Samuel Dunlap - Totally agree with @John Warren and @Mark Ainley you are definitely in the right place and the two of them are both amazing resources.

Let us know what Chicago area you are looking to start investing in and maybe we can point you to some investors who are doing work in that area.  

The 3 things that have really helped me the most are:

1. Taking action

2. Networking

3.  Reading

Don't try to find the perfect deal to get started, just get started!  Happy to help anyway I

Hey Sam! Welcome to the community. I personally recommend the straight up Chicago investor podcast. It has very valuable information in their about the local market. I have worked with John Warren too and I highly recommend him if you need an agent. 


Hello everyone,

This is great to see a forum for the Chicago area! I just moved from Boston and now here in Schaumburg, IL. I have two questions:

I’d like to sell my property in Boston, so I can focus more in my local area; however, it has tenants in it. While it has good cash flow, I’m finding it difficult to keep up with things there. I work full-time and in Business school, with a young family. Anyone have experience in selling a property with tenants in it?

Second question is easier…I see a lot of development going on in Schaumburg, anyone have any analysis here? I’d like to try my hand in my own backyard.