Real Estate Licensing

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I have heard it both ways for Not get your real estate license because you are held to a higher standard, more disclosures, etc. And Get you license. You have access to MLS yourself, training regarding laws, etc

What are your thoughts on this...?

License will only hold you to a higher standard if you are doing illegal activities...if everything you do is LEGAL you have nothing to be afraid of...

I got my license and the tools I use because of that are awesome. Full MLS access, plus free tools for CMA's, access to properties without relying to an agent, negotiating directly with the other side agent, plus you save money in commissions which will add up really quickly depending of the amount of transactions you will do each year.

I keep my License for MLS, Bidding on HUD's, not needing an agent to view listed properties, as well as self representation at some auctions online, some will even force a comission on you as the buyer/agent. would you turn down $500-$1000 for doing nothing but bidding on your own behalf? I have even tried to not accept the commission in lieu of a lower purchase price, and have been told the commission is not negotiable, it does however subject me to self employment tax on my flips, as a broker/dealer. but the drawbacks are way less than the rewards. Oh and i save 3-3.5% on listing commission when i sell my flips, and sometimes even get a referral when i buy a property.