Are REIA meetings worth it?

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I'm just wondering, I'm new to investing, and I was just wondering if their is a strategy to network at these meetings. I feel like the majority of people their ignore new investors. 

They are really good meetings if you're investing locally. Are you looking to invest locally or out of state? 

I want to invest locally in the Houston metro area. The reason I ask is because I ha e had people not want to deal with new investors. 

Hi Edward.
Are you an accredited investor and or sophisticated? If you can truly answer yes to one if not both of these questions then there she be absolutely no reason why anyone shouldn’t take you seriously.

I noticed in these meetings the successful hang with each other.   And the broke hang with the broke.   If you are broke you need to weasel into the successful group. 

Think High school cliques.   Winners hang with the winners.  The losers hang with the losers.  The mentally insane hang by themselves.

@Edward Vazquez Depends on the group and the types of people you meet. Groups have a mix of different levels of experienced and inexperienced investors. Good luck! 

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