Help Stop New Rental Regulations in Joliet

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This is not a drill. We need local property investors to come to the Joliet Land Use Committee to fight a plan to conduct rental inspections of ALL SINGLE FAMILY RENTALS. This would be very costly for Joliet property investors.

-Wednesday, November 14th 2018 at 3:45pm

-Joliet City Hall – 150 W Jefferson Street, Joliet, IL

One member of the Land Use Committee has been demonizing rental housing in Joliet and pushing for these inspections even though:

  • The VAST Majority of property complaints are for owner/occupied houses
  • Rental inspections would cost the City at least a half a million dollars a year

RSVP by replying to this message and be sure to spread the word to landlords and property investors in and around Joliet. 

City of Joliet still looking to vastly increase fees on landlords, possible license and fee for all landlords and inspections of all single family rental properties. Please pay attention: we can stop this if we work together!

We had 35 Realtors and Landlords come out to oppose it, but could use more next time. My hope was that the Land Use Committee would instruct staff to stop investigating mandatory inspections of single family rental properties, but they did not. So, the issue will be brought before the committee at a future meeting. 

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