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Season 3 of the BP series "Meet the Investors" is coming to Indy
Hello friends, my name is Alex. I am a real estate investor, long time BP contributor, and I make the BiggerPockets YouTube show "Meet the Investor". I am traveling to Indianapolis in mid-February to produce 10... View more
Looking for a local CPA! Any advice welcome
Calling all Indianapolis investors. I'm looking for a CPA and trying to jump the gun before tax season comes around. If anyone has recommendations please reply.  I was previously recommended Michael P. McCormick in... View more
Office Space - Downtown Carmel
Office space for rent in downtown Carmel on Rangeline Road  I am renovating a charming old house on Rangeline Road. It’s a great location and I am looking to rent space to another business - current plans have an... View more
Seller's unpaid taxes applied towards closing cost
Hi I was wondering if any of you have experience in handling this situation, seems to be a common case. I am in the process of purchasing an investment home. The seller is willing to offer the seller credit/concession... View more
Establishing a Business Line of Credit
BP friends,I've recently been approved for two separate personal LOC and looking to establish a business LOC via LLC to diversify my funds, but I currently don't have an established history of transactions, taxes, etc.... View more
Contractor Needed in North Indy / Fishers
Can anyone recommend a contractor who is based in North Indy or Fishers? I am looking to get a front exterior staircase rebuilt and landing / back steps installed at a SFR so it would probably one to two full days of... View more
Referrals for Handymen in Indianapolis
Looking for great referrals on handymen in Indianapolis. Preferably anyone who is interested in working on the south side (near the University of Indianapolis).
Professional 3D Scanning Services - Indianapolis
Hi Indy BP! I am offering professional and affordable 3D property scans in the Indy area. These scans are beneficial to you regardless of your niche in real estate. If you're an agent these scans will get your listing... View more
How to price a commercial lot
Hi, I've come across an opportunity to purchase a commercial property in Carmel that happens to have a sizable lot that can be subdivided. I've reached out to the city zoning commission and received initial approval... View more
Loan for a rental property:
Hey friends, Which companies from here biggerpockets do you recommend applying for a loan for a rental property to an investor who is out of state and has no ssn?.
More General Contractors
We're looking to build some relationships with a few more contractors......we have a great GC on our current project but always looking for more.......who have you had a positive experience with in Central IN?? Thank... View more
Terminating a property management agreement
I need to terminate my property management agreement on one of my properties and need some advise on how to go about the transition. The PM company was a nightmare to begin with. They don’t pay me my portion of the... View more
Indy Tax Sale Questions
Looking into going to the upcoming Indy Tax Sale.  I reviewed Indy guidelines.  Downloaded the list of properties (over 1000) as a pdf file.  The pdf is not possible to sort/filter etc.  Has anyone figured out how to... View more
Indianapolis buy/sell, rehab, BRRRR - share!
Your experiences are needed.  I've been involved for almost 4 years.  Nothing to sell, but I believe there needs to be more discussion on what is going on in this market.  There have been many successes and some... View more
Where to find Indianapolis foreclosure auction listings
I found where you can pay $14 on the Indianapolis web portal to download real estate lists for this month's sheriff sale, but I was wondering if a list of the properties can be found on any other resource. Even if that... View more
Has anyone used InTrust Funding in Washington state?
Has anyone had experience with InTrust Funding in Washington for hard money loans? Was a positive or negative experience. What are their negatives & positives?
Mobile home BRRRR's to upgrade for rentals or Lease to own
This morning, I happened on a community here, in Arizona, that is full of dilapidated pre-HUD mobiles on single lots. A mobile lot with utilities in (water, good septic, electrical hookup, and propane tank or natural... View more
Renovated Indy Blighted Homes
Hello,I wanted to know the process of renovating blighted homes in Indianapolis.  If I have to demolished the blighted home, what is the process? Also gutting a new home from scratch, what codes, fees or zoning laws... View more
2019 Cap Rates?
What is the going cap rate right now in Indy for SFR's?We all have different cap rates that we are targeting, but what is actually feasible in the current market? What are you seeing today? I realize this will be a... View more
Looking For Mobile Home Lease
Looking for a lease suitable for use with a Mobile Home Or Travel Trailer located in Texas in which the Unit is rented separately from the Space on which the mobile is located. Specifically Renter will pay separately... View more
New listing on BP Marketplace
I just posted a REO that we recently foreclosed on the BP Marketplace: input for price, location is appreciated. Bob
Are there any markets out there better than Indy for REI? (why?)
As a REI and RE Broker in Indy myself I love the excitement around the development of the Indy market. Nonetheless, I am curious to hear from other RE investors (particularly out-of-state investors that have positions... View more
Building out Residential over Retail
Hi BP, has anyone worked with a builder in Indy to add a couple residential units on top of a retail space? I'm hoping to get a few quotes on a project. 
Contractors to bid on small multi - foundation, roof, interiors
I'm seeking leads for bidders on a small mutifamily in Indianapolis.  Scopes will include repair of flat, membrane roof, repair of brick veneer, electrical, potential foundation repairs.  May also include some more... View more