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Contracts ... Wholesailing
Hello, does anyone in Indianapolis, IN successfully use any purchase agreement/assignment agreement for wholesaling from the contracts listed on BP? If so can you point me to which ones work best for you?
W 30th area Type of neighbourhood
Hey BP,I would like to hear you opinion about  the area W30th, Eagledale Dr, Kalmar Dr .Would You say that is B? Or maybe C?I would just like to understand those few blocks. And maybe try and focus there.Thanks,
Property Manager Kim Hampton?
Hey everyone, Does anyone have any experience with Kim as a PM? Recently started a relationship with her and I'm getting a great vibe. Does anyone have any experience with her? TIA
Banks good for HELOC/flexible terms
Hi Everyone,  I'm trying to find good banks in the Indianapolis area to build a relationship with, so that I could get some good loan terms/HELOC terms from them down the line. I'd love to know... View more
Devington Area Indianapolis
Hello BiggerPockets Indiana Community!I would like to hear your opinion about  the Devington area between 42nd on the south side and 46th to the north ?(6407)Would you describe it as a C class?Thanks!Tomer 
Outsourcing Driving for Dollars
Hello BP! Does anyone have experience outsourcing driving for dollars? Ideally, I'd prefer to pay someone a fixed amount to canvas a handful of neighborhoods for properties in distress and take detailed notes/pics,... View more
Want to connect with Indianapolis PMs
I'm an investor and would love to connect with PMs in Indianapolis to learn more about the different neighborhoods.  Particular interest in inner city areas with good appreciation trajectory ahead.
General Contractor Needed in Indianapolis
Hello Investors, Contractors and Real Estate Investors in the city of Indianapolis.  We are currently in the process of closing on a multiunit and need a General Contractor and Hvac specialist to quote out some work to... View more
How to start in Probate Wholesales
I am looking to start in the niche of Probate Wholesaling. I have been researching and watching how to go about this. I still have some questions that are more focused on the Indianapolis/Indiana market and processes.... View more
Path of Progress in the Midwest - Your Thoughts?
Hi BP folks:So, the definition of  the term "path of progress" is the direction in which an emerging market’s growth is occurring - because progress/growth is occurring in these areas, demand increases, rents rise and... View more
Flipping near downtown Indianapolis
I’m looking at a single family home that needs full renovation built in 1890 near downtown Indianapolis. I want to know if this a good area to do a fix and flip?  It’s near Holy Cross and Arsenal Heights...If not,... View more
House Hacking in Indy?
I was just wondering if anyone here is house hacking in Indy and could share their experience.  I'm looking to relocate for work and I'm having trouble finding suitable multi-families so I'm thinking about renting a... View more
Who's worked with this property manager before?
Newbie here. Another local BP member suggested I reach out on the forums to see if anyone has ever worked w/ John Ireland before. (I'm considering him for my first rental.) If you've used him, what's been your... View more
Rental Property Refinance in Indianapolis
Hi All,I Recently did my first flip and am on tight timeline to sell it due to a GC taking their sweet time. Basically I need to cash out within the next 3 months to repay my lender. I am looking at the possibility of... View more
Permitting work after the fact
Hey Everybody,I am looking for recommendations for electricians and plumbers who would be willing to inspect/certify work that they did not complete. We completed a remodel in our home adding 3 bedrooms and a shower to... View more
Part-time real estate positions
Hello Everyone,I just recently received my real estate license (finally) and  I've been looking for part-time real estate work with the intentions on going full-time in the Indianapolis area.  I honestly don't care... View more
Property Manager in Irvington/Englewood
Do any of you seasoned Indy investors have a recommendation for a property manager in the Irvington/Englewood neighborhoods? I'm also looking for a commercial broker too if you know anyone.Thanks!
Need referrals to Reputable Property Manager in Indianapolis
I am looking to expand into Indianapolis SF/MF market and looking to talk to the top 3 Property Managers. Since I will investing remotely and I am really new to the Indy market, I would greatly appreciate if any... View more
Question- Church Bldg/Apartment
Hello everyone,There is a church that is for sale in Indiana for 90k. ARV is a little over 1.6m. It also has an apartment building that comes with it. My husband and I want the church, but not the apartment building.... View more
Columbus Indiana Market
Hi All,New to bigger pockets and RE investing in general. Located near Columbus, IN. Posted this in the starting out thread but thought I would get some thoughts here. Columbus Market -- Should I be concerned that... View more