Indianapolis - Need Siding Repair

3 Replies

I am in need to have a section vinyl siding repaired on one of my rental units.  The siding is separating from the building and I need to have it re-attached.  Please PM with contact information.  I am trying to get this repaired before a storm removes the siding for me.  Thanks!

@Russell Naylor - thanks for the reply.  Unfortunately, the siding has separated from the house and needs to be reattached.  Its not just an issue of retucking the siding.  My son and I are going onsite today to see if we can perform the repair. 

Ahh yeah that'a a different story. Hopefully you guys can get it done to save some costs. Work from low to high. Possible you can detach the sections above, repair the siding, then reattach the above pieces. Good luck!

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