Spec Building/Demo Questions.

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Hi all! I am became curious about new construction and wanted to run some numbers on a spec build. Could anyone share with me an avg $/sqft for various qualities of interiors? Granite counter tops, custom(ish) cabinets, premium hardwood flooring, highly detailed tile work, etc would be a class A property and it would go down from there. 

Ballparking is fine. I'd just like to know if I'm looking at $1.25/sqft, $2/sqft, $5/sqft, etc. Also, demo. How is demo-ing an existing structure priced out? Permits, labor, hauling remains, etc. 

Any help in this arena would be wonderful.

Jeremy Tillotson I was afraid that would be the answer I got. I'm trying to gauge if it's profitable to do it before signing any deals.

I'm assuming any demo contractor would want to see inside the house before demoing it.

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