New to Indiana, Self Introduction

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Hi, I'm moving to the Indy area this month and will be getting back into the real estate game after a long hiatus thanks life happening for a while (relocations, wife, kids, corporate ladder, etc.).  Now that I've reached stability and have no plans to move again thanks to Indy being a great city, I'm itching to get back into RE investing.  My experience is a single completed house flip, not extensive by any means but some proof of my willingness to take action in this business and ability to secure funding and close on a deal.

I'll be joining in the local REIA activities and possibly meeting some of you! My initial goals are simply to learn the market, network, and start building a team. I plan to wholesale with integrity by sourcing my own deals, build a local rental portfolio, and possibly do some house flipping again.

Here are some things I'm working on the short term:

  • Networking with agents in my area (Johnson county)
  • Finding local cash buyers
  • Finding recommendations for title companies, property management, etc.
  • Indiana real estate laws & other info particular to Indy

Again, I'm looking forward to meeting some of you.  Thanks for reading!

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